Fighting Cancer & Inspiring Strength with a “Pop of Color”

Dear Cancer Fighter,

Please wear this scarf to help you through your battle against this disease. During your journey, you will have good days and bad. At times, your hope and faith will be tested. But remember to take each day as it comes. When you feel alone, wrap this scarf around you and know that you have the entire cancer-fighting community behind you, cheering you on. If you are cold or need comforting, use this scarf for warmth or a soft place to rest your head. When you feel drained and your spirits are low, wear this scarf for a “pop of color” that will bring some positive energy to your day.

Chemotherapy treatment may have many side effects, but it can NEVER change or take away your spirit. Every day is filled with endless possibilities so don’t give up. Keep fighting — YOU GOT THIS! When your treatment is done, wear your scarf to remind you of how strong you are and how far you have come.



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