Fighting Cancer & Inspiring Strength with a “Pop of Color”

Eleni's Pop of Color Mission


Eleni’s Pop of Color (“EPOC”) is a non-profit outreach program providing scarves to patients undergoing active chemotherapy treatment. EPOC was born out of a desire to provide those enduring the difficulties of chemotherapy with a little bit of comfort in very uncomfortable times. The program was first conceived by Eleni Vavas, a physician, wife, mother, daughter, sister and most importantly a self proclaimed “cancer fighter”. As Eleni persevered through chemo treatments, she struggled with the realities of the side effects that chemotherapy caused. Eleni started wearing scarves, mostly around her neck to cover her mediport, draw people’s attention away from her short hair, provide a bit of extra warmth as she struggled to maintain her weight and most importantly as she put it to add a little “pop of color”. She always said that she was comforted by how the scarves made her feel.

While undergoing treatments, Eleni began working with hospital administrators at North Shore University Hospital to create EPOC. It was Eleni’s desire that others going through chemotherapy would be able to enjoy that same bit of comfort she felt when she wrapped herself in those scarves. To continue Eleni’s legacy and vision, EPOC continues its outreach within the North Shore/LIJ Health System.

An EPOC scarf is much more than just an accessory. It serves as a badge of honor and as a reminder of the unbreakable human spirit and unwavering strength of the soul within. Almost equally as important is the hope that each EPOC scarf will inspire discussions and promote awareness.

How EPOC Works



EPOC has committed to produce and distribute 1,000 scarves annually to first time female chemotherapy patients receiving treatment at Monter Cancer Center, part of the Northwell Health System (formerly Northshore/LIJ) and through EPOC website requests. Production of our first edition scarves, named the Eleni Scarves, is now complete and distribution at Monter has begun for 2016!

REQUEST A SCARF – For Yourself

A woman, currently receiving chemotherapy treatment, can request an EPOC scarf on the website. She will be sent a scarf along with a powerful message from our founder, Eleni.

GIFT A SCARF – For Someone Else

An EPOC scarf can be ordered for someone currently receiving chemotherapy treatment as a gift to support a friend or loved one facing cancer.  The scarf is sent along with a powerful message from our founder, Eleni. We kindly ask for a donation to be made in honor of the recipient. Donations directly support the production and distribution of EPOC scarves and are tax deductible.

SUPPORTER SCARF – Show your Support for EPOC!

Receive an EPOC scarf to wear to show your support of our mission after making a minimum tax deductible donation of $100 to sponsor scarves for four patients receiving chemotherapy treatment at the Monter Cancer Center (Northwell Health System, Long Island, New York).